Dr. Mohammed Hassan Barakat

physician , Communicable Disease Control Division,
Public Health Department, MOH, Kuwait

Short Biography:

  1. Graduated as MD, Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt, 1977
  2. Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP), CDC, USA, 1996
  3. Diploma Public Healt, Ain Shams University, Egypt, !999
  4. Master of Public Health & Epidemiology, Ain Shams University, Egypt, 2005
  5. Epidemiologist short term consultant, Surveillance & Response division, WHO-EMRO, 2003-2005.
  6. Public Health physician in Communicable Disease Control division, Public Health Department, MOH, Kuwait. From Oct. 2005 (to Date).
  7. Shared Field activities in the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) for Polio campaign, Immunization evaluation, Int’l Immunization weeks in Egypt & Kuwait,
  8. Shared Outbreak investigations Health events, e.g Infant Deaths, Salmonelosis, Zinc phosphide intoxication (Egypt), Ebola outbreak (South Sudan), Zinc phosphide Intoxication in Kuwait, and Hepatitis A outbreak, 2012.
  9. Shared Field surveys of Smoking prevalence in Egypt, MCH survey, Blood Lead Level of PB in Children in Egypt Measurement of PB of grinding mills.
  10. Shared in Surveillance activities for different health topics:
  • Active diphtheria surveillance, Active Polio surveillance, meningitis surveillance, Iodine deficiency disorder in school children, NCD surveillance establishment in Egypt, Biological weapons surveillance, Avian Flu pandemic surveillance in Egypt, Swine Flu Pandemic Surveillance in Kuwait, MERS-CoV under investigation.
  1. Shared in Training for following:
  • Int’l training of Nepal’s MOH on surveillance & outbreak response with CDC staff, Nepal.
  • EMRO country Meeting for epidemiologic Surveillance & Rapid Response, 2000,
  • AFP surveillance training courses for preventive HCP of MOH Kuwait,
  • Lectures on Swine Flu surveillance for University students, Kuwait.
  1. Shared in Guidelines, Circulars and Recommendations issue:
  • Strengthening of CDCD surveillance system guidelines in Egypt.
  • Establishment of NCD surveillance system guidelines in Egypt, 2003,
  • National Kuwait Pneumococcal (PC7) conjugate vaccine guidelines, 2008
  • Introduction of new vaccines for Health Care Personnel, Kuwait, 2009
  • Risk factors groups Seasonal flue vaccination circulars, 2009
  • Annual Pilgrim and Omra vaccination circulars,
  • Shared in Update of Needle stick & Sharp objects injury Surveillance Protocol in Kuwait.