Dr. Mohamed Hafez A. Elabd

MCH, MOHP – Egypt


  • B, B. Ch./ University of Ain Shams School of Medicine. Egypt
  • FETP Comprehensive Post graduate two years Field Epidemiology Training Program.
  • Egyptian Applied Epidemiology Fellowship.


Current Employment:

I am a medical officer in MCH, MOHP – Egypt

My duties are:

  • Supervision and monitoring of the infection control program in primary health care units all over Egypt
  • Supervision of integrated perinatal child health and nutrition program.
  • Monitoring, supervision and technical support to the activities of the maternal, neonatal and child health.
  • Training of the health care workers on MCH activities.
  • Focus on improving service quality, and strengthening information systems on data related to mother and child health and enhancing supportive supervision and monitoring systems.
  • Promotion of key health, nutrition and hygiene practices at household and community levels
  • Support national efforts to maintain Egypt’s polio free status by immunization activities, as well as prevent measles and rubella among children.
  • Supervision of perinatal and late neonatal mortality surveillance system in Egypt.
  • Supervision of maternal mortality surveillance system in Egypt.
  • Participating in editing maternal and child health care manual.


Previous Employment:

March 1992 – February 1993: Resident in Ain Shams University Hospitals

March 1993- July 1994: Medical Doctor in MCH unit Cairo , Egypt

August 1994 – December 2005:Resident of anaethesia in Shobra General Hospital.

January 2005 – July 2008: Head of  Emergency department of Shobra Hospital

January 2008 – June 2013: Infection control specialist in infection control department MOHP – Egypt.

I worked as an Infection Control and Epidemiology Specialist, Communicable disease prevention and control in Infection Control Department, Ministry of Health and Population, Egypt.

I was one of the Central communicable disease and Infection Control  team of Egypt  which began at January 2003 with the following responsibilities:

  • Selection of the infection control teams of all health care facilities
  • Master Trainer of the selected teams
  • Supervision and monitoring of the program all over Egypt
  • Participating in editing of the National Infection Control Guidelines which got the WHO approval to be implemented all over EMRO Region
  • Participating in editing infection control practical manual
  • Participating in editing of nosocomial surveillance manual
  • Setting the standard qualifications of the medical supplies and equipment required by the program
  • Assessment of the progress and achievement of the selected teams
  • Participating in outbreak investigations in community and hospitals
  • Participating in building a community and nosocomial surveillance system in Egypt

Courses and Conferences:

  • 1st January 2009 – 2 nd July 2009: Infection Control Program (ICP) Advanced Training course Supervised by ; Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population, USA Naval Medical Research Unit ( NAMRU 3 ), World Health Organization ( WHO ) / Cairo / Egypt
  • Attending preparedness of nuclear accidents training course 11/1/2003 till 22/1/2003
  • Completion the training course of the new trends in hospital management 21/6/2007 till 26/6/2007.
  • Completion of Epidemiology Intelligence management Program, Malaysia from 1st June 2010 till 30th June 2010.
  • Completion the advanced training course of infection control, NAMRU3 from 5/3/2012 till 8/3/2012 and 25/3/2012 till 29/3/2012.
  • Completion of FETP Comprehensive Post graduate two years Field Epidemiology Training Program.
  • Attending the Advanced Healthcare Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Stewardship course held on April 13-16, 2012 in Jacksonvile,FL. USA